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Santiago Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd, (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Co.) is a proud associate of flagship Pharmaceuticals distribution & marketing group of company, which is in Pharma business since 1963. The promoters of the company have a towering experience in pharmaceuticals business for more than 50 years. Our Company is soaring great heights in the manufacturing of comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products like pharmaceutical formulations.

We are present across India with a wide range of over 500+ products including antifungal, creams, Lotions, Soaps, Syrups, Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Syringes, Suspensions, Infusions, Sachets, Ointments, paste, Eye/Ear Drops, Nasal drops, Powders etc.with 2 marketing divisions(Accilex Critical Care, Salvador Visiontech) DCGI approved products, prescribed by over 50 thousand doctors all over India . It has a robust business of quality products distributed all over India and its surrounding boundaries.

With an extensive marketing and distribution network, Santiago Life Sciences has always been pioneering in its efforts to serve the ailing mankind. It has unique advantage of launching innovative products in the market ahead of competition. Today, we have grown as one of the leading Ethical Pharma formulations manufacturer & seamless service provider of India.

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  • Our Upcoming Products  :-

    1. Nayaclav Plus Tab 625 mg ,  2. Tetmogo Soap, 3.Cremasan Syrup ,  4.Biosan Tab, 5.Biosan AC Tab ,6. Biosan E Tab,7. Santo Pro Hair Serum , 8.Povisan Mouth Gargle , 9.Nervecare P Cap .

  • Our Available Products  :-

    1. Amiline Tab 5 Mg,  2. Amiline At Tab ,  3.Appben Syrup,   4.Betasan Tab 8 Mg, 5.Betasan Tab 16 Mg,  6. Carcal Jr Drops ,7.Carcal 60K Tab,8.Cefpera Sb Inj 1000 Mg , 9.Chymosan  Forte Tab, 10.Chymosan D Tab, 11.Chymosan Dp Tab,  13.Dcitron  Syrup,14. Dibfree Cap , 15.Elven  Sp  Tab,  16. Fullday Od Tab,  17. Glizcid Mf Tab, 18.Gomalcy Inj, 19. Gynoplex Syrup,  20. Gynowash Lotion, 21. Hepagreen DS Tab, 22.Hepagreen Plus Sachet , 23.Hepagreen Plus Syrup ,  24.Hepagreen Inj, 25.Hepagreen Ds Syrup,   26.Lycolong M Cap, 27.Metatri Mr Tab, 28.Nayaclav Inj 1.2 GM, 29.Nervecare Inj 2500 MCG, 30. Nerve-X Cap, 31.Sanbose MD Tab 0.2 MG, 32.Sanbose MD Tab  0.3 MG, 33.Sanlotan Tab 50 MG, 34.Sanlotan H Tab, 35. Sanlotan Am Tab ,  36. Sanmonte-F Tab,     37.Sanmoxil Spray/Lotion, 38.Santilosin 0.4 Tab , 39. Stardase  Dp Tab ,  40. Starrab Inj 20 Mg ,  41.Telmiden H Tab , 42. Telmiden  Am Tab .